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With the advent of technology, the global workforce has evolved and employees expect the same treatment at the workplace that they get as consumers. Talent forms the lifeblood of almost all businesses and human resource departments are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that an effective workforce management (WFM) solution does not end at talent acquisition. Human capital needs to be nurtured, engaged, and optimized for efficiency. Predictive HR analytics can bridge the gap between the management and optimization of your workforce, and help you achieve a balance between performance enhancement and cost-efficient operations.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Attract the right talent for the right job

Talent Engagement

Talent Engagement

Engage employees for high efficiency and low turnover

Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization

Derive optimal value from the existing talent pool

Pain Point

Prescriptive Workforce Management Solutions

Sam Brut-Talent Acquisition
Sam Brut
| Talent Acquisition
Wants to attract the right candidates for the right roles and leverage technology optimally.
   TTF | TTA | TTS
How do I ensure my fresher hiring is beneficial to the organization in the long term?

Campus Hiring

Actionable insights related to the region, college, and optimal time for recruitment drives
How do I ensure that experienced candidates get the best proposal from our end?

Lateral Hiring

Prescriptive pointers to eliminate the subjectivity associated with salary negotiations through a scientific candidate valuation
How do I ensure that my resources have the optimal amount of workload?
Anu Pal-Talent Optimization
Anu Pal
| Talent Optimization
Wants to optimize the workforce to achieve the highest level of productivity using employee data.
    Revenue per Employee | Workload Balance | CSAT

Workload Balancing

Prescriptive pointers to ensure optimal task assignment to resources, leaving bandwidth for new opportunities
How do I ensure that the right resources are allocated to the right project at the right time?

Resource Management

Actionable insights to facilitate resource allocation in a scientific manner
Ross Hack-Talent Engagement
Ross Hack
| Talent Engagement
Wants to empower employees and work on new ways to motivate them.
   Attrition | Engagement | Performance
I want to know the potential attrition cases so I can take preemptive action?

Attrition Probability

Prescriptive pointers to predict resource turnover and prescribe preemptive actions
How do I make appraisals more objective and streamlined?

Appraisal Model

Actionable insights to avoid bias in the employee evaluation process

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