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Prescriptive Decisioning Solutions for Effective Sales Conversions

DecisionMinesTM: Prescriptive Decisioning Solutions for Effective Sales Conversions

Effective lead nurturing plays a crucial role in converting prospects into customers. Sales personnel spend countless hours debating on prioritizing the right leads and how to approach them. ConversionIQ powered by DecisionMinesTM offers data-driven sales decisions to sales representatives by utilizing actionable insights for prescriptive sales strategies. Backed by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, ConversionIQ recommends the right sales approach driven by demographic, firmographic, geographic, and psychographic data for the highest probable conversion.

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Better quality leads:

Acquire higher quality leads and nourish acquired leads into better prospects

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Faster sales cycles:

Speed up your sales cycle and close more deals

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Improved sales ability:

Artificial intelligence for prospect prioritization model

Pain Point

ConversionIQ Decision Points

Tony James - Sales Representative
Tony James
| Sales Representative
Lead nurturing and tracking lead performance.
   Lead Engagement | Lead Conversion
Which leads should I be focusing on? How should I prioritize them?

Lead Propensity

Lead propensity decision point assists sales representatives by providing insights on which leads are open to engage with and most likely to convert.

It scores each lead with a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine and processes massive and complex data sets in real time. It helps in prioritizing leads and prescribes various sales activities to perform on each lead.

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Where does an opportunity fit into my Sales Pipeline? Are we targeting the right opportunities? Which opportunities are more promising?
Sheena Williams - Sales Manager
Sheena Williams
| Sales Manager
Focus on qualified opportunities with the highest probable conversion.
    Accelerate Opportunity Conversion | Convert Opportunities into Customers

Opportunity Prioritization

Opportunity prioritization gives sales representatives insights on how to convert opportunities into customers using a predictive and a prescriptive approach.

It recommends what activities to perform on an opportunity to accelerate its conversion as a customer.

Sales representatives can focus on opportunities that are qualified and have the highest probability of converting into customers. In addition to prioritizing which opportunities to pursue, scoring your opportunities can bring additional benefits to your sales cycle.

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Kevin Stone - Regional Manager
Kevin Stone
| Regional Manager
Increase customer conversion and minimize attrition.
   Increase Customer Responsiveness | Informed Decisioning
Which client do I meet first?

Customer Connect

Customer Connect arranges each customer according to priority and leverages historical datasets to target the right customer with a prescribed approach.

It collates all customer information and provides a holistic view of every customer in real time. This enables sales personnel in making informed decisions and improves responsiveness.

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