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DecisionMinesTM: Your Decisioning Support System for Enhanced Customer Loyalty

For organizations across industries, the customer journey from strangers to leads to customers, and eventually promoters, separates a great business from an ordinary one. While the acquisition of a new customer can cause a significant dent to an organization’s finances as compared to retaining an existing one, both functions have equal importance when it comes to one defining factor—profitability. DecisionMines TM for Customer Management is a predictive analytics solution that leverages data science to empower decision makers with actionable insights and recommendations for ensuring a delightful customer experience and, eventually, a good ROI.

Cost of Customer Acquisition

Cost of Customer

70% of companies focus on customer acquisition rather than retention

Customer Service


80% of consumers reject service providers due to poor customer service

Accuracy of Customer Lifetime Value

Accuracy of
Customer Lifetime Value

Only 35% of organizations are able to measure CLV accurately

Pain Point

Prescriptive Customer Management Solutions

Hugh Willis-Service Manager
Hugh Willis
| Service Manager
Ensures that the best customer service is provided at all times.
   Customer Satisfaction | Customer Growth
Which customer is not sending feedback and where do I need to push more?

Customer Feedback

List of customers—based on their strategic importance—for seeking quantifiable feedback.
I want better predictability on potentially problematic accounts.

Account Health

Timely alerts on the early signs of a problem in the account.
The contract is up for renewal; what would be a safe rate revision pitch?
Mary Yarn-BU Head
Mary Yarn
| BU Head
Responsible for the overall growth of the BU, along with customer satisfaction.
    Customer Satisfaction | Revenue

Customer Investment

Identification of overinvested and underinvested customers for better value alignment.
Which customer has the potential to grow and where do I focus my energy?

Customer Growth

Pointers to focus on customers with high growth potential, and the probable reasons for the growth.
Bill Troy-Sales Manager
Bill Troy
| Sales Manager
Increases customer conversion and minimizes attrition.
   Conversion Target | Retention
I want early warnings on the probable customer drop with actionable insights into the focus areas for retention.

Customer Retention

Pointers to focus on customers with high attrition potential,and the probable reasons for the attrition.
Which prospects should I focus on to get faster, quality conversions?

Prospect Connect

Suggestions for selecting prospects from the CRM, aligned with a 'good fit' customer probability.

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