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DecisionMinesTM: A Data-driven Solution for Predictive Marketing Services

Data collected from consumer engagements and interactions is the new oil that fuels the strategy of a CMO’s office. The adoption of data-driven marketing is enabling organizations to deliver personalized marketing, efficient media buying, increased customer retention, enhanced customer experience, and much more. Organizations with a mission to bolster relationships with their customers cannot just rely on marketing ‘scoreboards’ and past data to understand and optimize their customer journey. The proliferation of new marketing channels in this data-driven economy provides for newer opportunities to innovate and predict customer behavior. DecisionMinesTM for marketing helps organizations craft an effective marketing strategy that keeps data at the center, propelling marketing initiatives and powering their growth engines.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Ineffective promotions lead to low customer retention

Campaign Expenditure

Campaign Expenditure

Inept media planning affects spend and channel allocation

Campaign Profitability

Campaign Profitability

Aligning pricing analytics and profit margins is a challenge

Pain Point

Prescriptive Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Rachel Johanson - Contact Center Representative
Rachel Johanson
| Front Desk Executive
Targets guests with the most appropriate offers
   Support in increasing Revenue per Guest | Guest Relations
What is the likelihood of a guest accepting an upsell or cross-sell offer?
Which offers have a better chance of upsell or cross-sell?

Upsell and Cross-sell Analytics

With immense amounts of guest data, hospitality brands can effectively upsell and cross-sell services throughout the guest journey. This implies generating additional revenues from every reservation. But the actual success factor lies in understanding the guest and recognizing them across all touchpoints.

Promoting upsell and cross-sell services are ways to enhance guest value and segment them accordingly. For high value guests, it is worth deriving insights and spending time and resources in marketing and servicing. Based on such in-depth guest information, marketers can activate the perfect marketing strategy and channels to engage the guest, regardless of the buying process stage. The magic of successful service promotion begins when the relevant offers are made to the right customer at the right time and using the right communication channel.

Using aggregated data and machine learning, DecisionMinesTM for Hospitality informs and prescribes which guest is likely a candidate for an upsell or cross-sell promotion and which offerings have a better chance of being sold. Based on key business intelligence parameters such as guest segments, guest lifetime value, historical purchase patterns, DecisionMinesTM not only helps drive incremental revenues, but also builds loyalty over time.

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How can I improve the guest experience at my property based on social media reviews?
Which guests are likely to review us on social media and how can I make their experience better?
Shawn Pascal - General Manager
Shawn Pascal
| General Manager
Manages guest feedback and enhances guest experience
    Hotel Ratings on Social Media Platforms | Guest Loyalty | Brand Advocacy

Social Media Champion

Social media stands as one of the most powerful channels, be it review forums, social hand raisers, or influencers. Understanding public sentiment towards your brand as well as checking how your brand is performing on social media is pivotal to success. As guests’ check-in their unique experiences on social media, hotels are provided with rich insights into guest expectations, behavior, and hidden sentiments.

The challenge lies in analyzing the collected data fragments to build a comprehensive view of each guest and improve service levels accordingly. DecisionMinesTM for Hospitality transforms the guest experience by leveraging data that informs hoteliers with intelligent listening. It maps engagement, reach, sentiment, share of voice and more for sentiment analysis and prescribes areas of service improvements that create impeccable guest experiences.

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Thomas Franklin - General Manager
Thomas Franklin
| General Manager
Fills gaps in hotel staff performance to avoid any negative guest experiences
   Customer Satisfaction | Staff Complaints | Training Compliance
How are my properties doing in terms of their staff quality?
What should I do to enhance the overall operations and guest experience related to staff?

Staff Skill Index

Staff retention and performance is a global concern for hotel owners, executives, and managers particularly in recent years. The turnover in customer-facing roles such as the retail and hospitality industry is even higher due to several factors such as inconvenient work hours, low pay and benefits. These factors also impact staff performance.

HR and recruiting departments need to be more informed while hiring new talent and cannot take decisions purely based on gut as turnover costs organizations a lot of money. It is also possible that disengaged employees provide mediocre customer service which directly impacts reputation and customer loyalty.

DecisionMinesTM Staff Skill Index leverages predictive analytics providing intelligent insights on how the property is performing in terms of staff quality. It also prescribes the actions to enhance the overall operations and guest experience.

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