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DecisionMinesTM: A Digital Decisioning Platform for Predictive Financial Services

Customer conversion, retention, and growth of assets under management (AUM) are the key pillars of the banking and wealth management world. While the decision makers want to maximize the conversion, retention, and growth of their resources, the insights available to do so are limited. But what if organizations are able to tap into the data residing in the existing systems for this purpose? DecisionMinesTM for Wealth Management is a one-of-a kind, advanced prescriptive analytics solution that leverages data science to empower decision makers with actionable insights and recommendations—from their own data reserves.

Longer sales cycles and high cost of conversion

Longer sales cycles and high cost of conversion

Revenue leakage and brand impact

Revenue leakage and brand impact

Cost of customer acquisition and retention

Cost of customer acquisition and retention

Pain Point

Prescriptive Wealth Management Solutions

Tom Bell-Relationship Manager
Tom Bell
| Relationship Manager
Advises customers on various banking and financial products.
   RM-CSAT | Conversion Ratio
I want early warnings on probable customer drop with actionable insights into the problem areas.

Customer Retention

Actionable insights to focus on customers that are the most likely to drop, along with the probable reasons

Customer retention is as important to profitability as growth and margins. But several unknowns in the ecosystem can catch financial advisors off guard. Data science, combined with their judgment, can help them uncover these blind spots. This means interacting with customers for cross-sell and upsell opportunities without bothering them—facilitated by easy access to historical customer data stored in transactional systems. DecisionMinesTM leverages machine learning, providing predictive financial services for efficient customer relationship management.

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Which prospects should I focus on to get faster and good-quality conversions?

Prospect Connect

Insightful pointers on ‘the most likely to convert’ prospects, enabling quicker and efficient conversions

Wealth management firms need to deliver personalized services to meet customer demands whilst demonstrating their unique selling points, and tackling regulatory burdens and intense competition. For this, relationship managers need deep data insights that unfold in real time as prospect meetings take place. DecisionMinesTM enables you to effectively predict, personalize, and address the data, and formulate effective asset management strategies. It also provides intelligent analysis of historical customer behavior facilitating quicker conversions.

It’s not about the sale, it’s about the solution.
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I want alerts on the early signs of relationship manager attrition and insights into the possible reasons.
Hannah Van-Director
Hannah Van
| Director
Improves the top line, minimizes revenue leaks, and reduces acquisition costs.
    ROAE (Return on Average Equity) | Net Interest Margin

RM Retention

Actionable insights to focus on RMs that are the most likely to attrite,to contain 'bad attrition'

When relationship managers leave an organization, so do some of their biggest customers. The key priority for wealth management firms is to employ RMs and ensure they stay on board by providing them access to a strong wealth management platform with broad product and strong service offerings. Our advanced predictive financial services solution, DecisionMinesTM , provides timely alerts about the early signs of RM attrition and insights into the possible reasons.

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I want to map the right relationship manager to the right customer to maximize customer satisfaction and growth.

RM Mapping

Assignment of the right RM to the right customer to enhance customer experience and accelerate growth

With the advent of Digital Transformation, customers have become more aware of their needs and hence more demanding. They prefer to interact with a relationship manager on their own terms, rather than the interaction being set up by a firm. This makes the precise mapping of the RM to the customer more crucial than ever before. The effective asset management analytics provided by DecisionMinesTM can help firms understand the customer journey and effectively allocate the right RM to the right customer.

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