HITEC 2019: Presenting tomorrow’s hospitality technology solutions today

Cybage showcased its service offerings and in-depth expertise in the Hospitality industry at HITEC 2019, one of the most renowned conferences in the hospitality tech industry.

From luxury hotels to timeshares—guests today are spoilt for choices. And new trends in hospitality have brought about an unprecedented change than ever before. But, a hotelier’s predicament revolves around how we truly understand our guests.

The small micro-moments between booking, planning, arrival, and checkout; it takes thousands of micro experiences and countless opportunities to drive repeat bookings and loyalty. The finer details in these digital touchpoints have a large impact to your brand perception and revenue.

But with data in the right hands, it can be a force multiplier.

DecisionMinesTM for Hospitality leverages data and helps hospitality enterprises with an advanced prescriptive analytics solution to empower hospitality brands with actionable insights and recommendations to drive top-line business and to enhance loyalty. Our prescriptive solutions answer the following:

  • What is the likelihood of a guest accepting an upsell or cross-sell offer?
  • How can I improve the guest experience at my property based on social media reviews?
  • How are my properties doing in terms of their staff quality?

Learn more about our Prescriptive Solutions for the Hospitality Industry here.

Our broader footprint of high-touch hospitality solutions includes:

Transform your business with the right mix of technology, strategy, marketing, & operations.

Web & Mobile experience

Web & Mobile

Reservation Solutions


In-room Experience


Hospitality Technology Transformation

Hospitality Technology

Upsell & Cross-sell

Upsell &
Cross-sell Analytics

Integration Expertise


Distribution Optimization


Marketing Services


Prescriptive Analytics


Marketing Analytics


Pricing & Market Intelligence

Pricing & Market

Some glimpses of our team of hospitality technology experts at Booth 3426 sharing their insights on technology and analytics powered guest experiences.


Reinventing Retail at NRF 2019

Held from January 13 to 15 this year, NRF: Retail’s Big Show is organized in New York every year, offering unique networking opportunities and a glimpse into the latest technologies and solutions for retailers. 

It’s been a shift for Cybage being featured as a service offerings company, as this year DecisionMines™—Cybage’s flagship decision management system was our showcased product.

John Oberon, President–Digital Solutions, led the panel discussion on ‘Practical challenges of implementing data and using data science effectively’. Our experts also spoke about Intelligent Retailing, our DecisionMines™ based prescriptive analytics solutions, and relevant solutions for the Retail space.

Off to a Grand Start

Setting the bar high for global retail trends and intuitive customer experiences, DecisionMines™ was one of the few sponsors for the NRF Innovation Lab, one of the four main stages at the show where retail leaders presented their research, thoughts, and lessons learned.

The retail industry is in constant transformation and there is a rising need to lower costs and to increase efficiency in operations. Rightly placed, DecisionMines™ showcased its retail use-cases which included identifying white-label candidates, calculating GMROI, workforce management, customer retention, and campaign/inventory optimization.

We continue this focus on the retail industry and next year we aim to have more use-cases at NRF 2020!


At NRF 2019’s Innovation Lab, Avinash Lele, President of Cybage, shared his insights on how over 80 decision points from DecisionMines™ helped a leading Cricket Team optimize their players, and drive informed business decisions. Watch the video here.

The response was overwhelming, and we are continuing to see great momentum for DecisionMines™, as we have follow-up conversations with leads and prospects.


DecisionMines™ at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2018

Cybage marked its presence in the 15th Anniversary Edition of NASSCOM Product Conclave 2018 that was held on 25th and 26th October in Bangalore. DecisionMines™ was selected as one of the 120 companies to showcase our product. We were allotted a kiosk on the first day of the event, 25th October. The objective of participating at NPC was to showcase DecisionMines™—Cybage’s flagship data-driven decision management system empowering business leaders with more informed decision making. Our experts also shared their insights on predictive analytics and the need for data transformation for businesses and industries. We also shared a live demo of our solutions at the kiosk thus establishing relationships and connections with a larger number of software companies in Bangalore for future business opportunities.


Cybage at ‘&THEN’ – The DMA Annual Event

Cybage marked its presence in the Data Marketing and Analytics conference ‘&THEN’ held in October 2018 at Las Vegas, with a white paper presentation on its flagship product DecisionMines™.

During the whitepaper presentation, our speakers Avinash Lele, John Oberon, and Rakesh Ramchandani shared their insights on how DecisionMines™, a data-driven solution, leverages machine learning and prescriptive analytics empowering business leaders make informed decisions and improve customer experiences. They discussed and demonstrated how to gain better visibility and control operations and architect data-driven customer experiences by:

  • Optimizing media mix: A more actionable perspective of media mix data can help allocate and optimize budgets across media channels for effective ROI.
  • Identifying data patterns in customers’ journeys and prescribe next best actions: Understand the context of customers’ actions and incrementally improving marketing efforts, in turn making brands connect with customers, leading to improved revenues.
  • Improving customer retention: Understand and predict changes in customer behavior and provide opportunities to reactivate dormant customers using data.

 The event comprised of 20-minute sessions presenting case studies and co-client presentations from leading industry technologies and services. They shared their insights and best practices from companies working with the world’s Fortune 1000 brands.

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